Karadeniz Powership Onur Sultan Starts Operations in Medan, North Sumatra

The Largest Floating Power Plant in the World will provide Low Cost Continuous Electricity to North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Karpowership Ghana Company Limited has reiterrated its supply of uninterrupted and consistent electricity to the National grid at the inauguration ceremony of 470 MW Karadeniz Powership Osman Khan on Thursday, 14th of December 2017.

Since it began operations in Ghana in 2015, Karadeniz Powership Ayşegül Sultan, with an installed capacity of 235MW, has been supplying sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. Karadeniz Powership Osman Khan, the second Powership deployed to Ghana, has an installed capacity of 470MW and is the biggest Powership in Karpowership’s fleet and in the world.

Speaking at the ceremony, CEO of Karpowership Mr. Orhan Remzi Karadeniz stated that the Karpowership’s presence in the country is in complete fulfilment of the contractual obligations for providing 450 MW of electricity to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) . He also added that the Karpowership had successfully completed all requisite commissioning works, operational tests and has been supplying electricity to the national grid since October.

Mr. Karadeniz highlighted the company’s commitment to powering the world. He said, “At Karpowership, we have invested in technology and innovation to ensure continuity of our ventures that indirectly demonstrates Turkey’s affinity for growth and development. Today, Turkey exports its value-added products and services in the energy, technology and entrepreneurship sectors. Karpowership has crossed seas and offered the hand of friendship to supply electricity to many countries around the world that are in need of this basic necessity.”

The Minister of Energy, Mr. Boakye Agyarko, said operations of Karpowership was important for the country’s national grid as the energy demand was growing each day.

Karpowership has not only been supplying electricity but the company has been embarking on Social Responsibility projects in the Manhean Community as a way of investing and giving back to the community. Karpowership’s presence in Ghana is felt beyond the lighting of Ghanaian homes.

Karpowership undoubtedly fills an important gap in global energy markets with its Powerships that provide fast track, economical and flexible solutions for countries with energy needs.