• Powerships offer secure, reliable and cost-effective supplies of energy
  • Vessels can be connected to a power grid in as little as 30 days

LONDON, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented energy-supply shock and its ability to source reliable and affordable power has never been so uncertain.

As winter approaches, the continent needs a solution that's flexible, secure and can be deployed almost immediately.

Karpowership's floating power generation facilities, known as Powerships, are cheaper, quicker and more flexible than land-based units and can be connected to a country's electricity grid in as little as 30 days.

Powerships are multi-fuel enabled, operating on natural gas, low sulfur fuel oil or ultra-low sulfur diesel, ensuring they are always the most cost-effective supply solution.

"Karpowership is committed to helping ease Europe's energy crisis and is in discussions to supply Powerships where they are most needed,'' said Karpowership Chief Commercial Officer Zeynep Harezi. ''Karpowership's solution is flexible, affordable and secure.''

Because Powerships are delivered with all the infrastructure they need, there is minimal disruption to local communities onshore. They also leave no trace when decommissioned; they're simply unplugged and re-deployed where they are most needed.

If deployed at scale in Europe, they could save the continent billions of euros in costly energy subsidies, easing the acute financial burden on governments and consumers.

For more information on Karpowership and its fleet of floating power solutions, visit https://karpowership.com/en/

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