Powership Classes

Mermaid Class

Mermaid Class Powerships, with a maximum capacity of 80 MW, are 90 meters long and 25 meters wide and designed with the highest technology. Our Powerships consist of Dual-Fuel engines, on-board high voltage substation, on-board fuel storage, and on-board accommodations. With only a depth of 3 meters, they can easily fit into ports of countries where they will be generating power.
Capacité (MW) 34 – 80
Longeur (Global) Mètre 90 - 110
Largeur (Extrême) Mètre 25
Hauteur (Extrême) Mètre 46
Embarcation (Moulé) Mètre 3-4
Automotrice x
Installations de logement bord (Pax) 20
Sous-station Tension (kV) 36 -170
Fréquence (Hz) 50-60