Powership Classes

Khan Classes

Our Group has started the construction of the biggest floating power plant in the world and will launch it in 2016. Khan Class Powerships, with a capacity of 470 MW, are designed to change the future of many countries. Khan Class Powerships are 300 meters long and 50 meters wide. With only a depth of 5 meters, they can easily fit into ports of countries where they will be generating power.
Capacité (MW) 415 – 470
Longeur (Global) Mètre 285 - 300
Largeur (Extrême) Mètre 45-50
Hauteur (Extrême) Mètre 47 - 50
Embarcation (Moulé) Mètre 5-7
Installations de logement bord (Pax) 80
Sous-station Tension (kV) 100 - 420
Fréquence (Hz) 42