The only built, owned and operated fleet designed to meet your energy needs quickly and consistently, from 36 MW to 470 MW.


Karpowership has started the development of the world’s largest floating power plant, launched in 2016. Khan Class Powerships, with a capacity of 470MW, are designed to change the future of the world.

30-470 MW delivered within 90 days. No major site preparation required. No completion or construction risk. Delivered as turn-key for power generation – Plug & Play

Voltage flexibility from 90 kV ro 400 kV. Off-shore mooring capability. Extendable installed capacity.

On-board high voltage substation. Direct grid connection. On-board accomodation. On-board fuel storage. 24/7 O&M

Lower cost of delivered fast track power. Delivering highest efficiancy via multi fuel flexibility. Heavy Fuel Oil/Natural Gas/LNG/CNG Suitable for base load or peak shaving at very low fuel cost.