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18 November 2017
Proud of powering the world! Karpowership featuring in Discovery Channel’s “How Do They Do It?”
We are proud to announce that Karpowership’s episode on Discovery Channel’s widely followed “How Do They Do It?” show will premiere in UK on Friday 24th of February. 
“How Do They Do It?” is a television series produced by Wag TV for Discovery Channel. Each episode explores how ordinary objects are made and used.
Our episode tells the story of how we design, construct, and operate a Powership. As we always emphasize, our Powerships are turnkey, integrated solutions. Underlining integrated, this episode will show from A to Z how we turn a ship into a Powership.
Filmed at Sedef Shipyard, Istanbul and Amurang, Indonesia, our episode portrays the design and construction of Karadeniz Powership Orhan Ali Khan (renamed as Karadeniz Powership Onur Sultan) and the operation of Karadeniz Powership Zeynep Sultan.
Watch “How Do They Do It?” on Discovery Channel
Friday, 24 February                   22:00     Discovery UK
Wednesday, 15 March               19:30     Discovery Hungary
Monday, 27 March                    21:00     Discovery Science Poland
Thursday, 23 March                  21:30     Discovery Max Spain
Wednesday, 12 April               23:00    Discovery Turkey
Saturday, 15 April                   17:10    Discovery Turkey
Sunday, 16 April                     19:00    Discovery Turkey
Sunday, 30 April                       21:55     Discovery Italy
Friday, 26 May                          20:00     Discovery Taiwan
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